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How To Discover Your Personal Style

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

First impressions set the tone of life. How we talk, walk, and dress gives others an expectation of who we are. Having a unique twist to fashion will only make that first impression all the more impactful. And that's what makes finding your fashion style a valuable (and fun) task.

Finding your fashion style won't happen overnight. It'll take work and effort to find something distinctively yours. But we've created this guide to finding your style and being your most fashionable self.

  1. Find your style icon

If you're like the rest of us, then you have a fashion-crush on one celebrity or another. There's just something about their Style that makes them stand out to you. Now is the time to think hard about who's looks you would copy and move on to step

2. Snap some pics

Collect all the pictures you can of your favorite looks. Maybe its an all-Bohemian outfit or neutral tones are more your thing. Make a Pinterest board or use magazine cut-outs to gather all the outfits that resonate with you.

3. Search your closet

Before rushing out and buying all your favorite items raid your closet and take inventory of your go to items. Ask yourself why you keep grabbing for them and use this answer in mind for future purchases.

4. Find the Pattern

You searched the web and you searched you closet. Think about what pieces are repeated over and over. Maybe you don't like the entire outfit but those shoes/shirt/bags are to die for. Use your new lookbook and tally what items pop up again and again. ​

5. Experiment

Now that you know what you like and what you'd like to skip. Take the time to add new items to your closet that match the Style you're aiming for. Combine them with what you already own. The more you play around with your options the more you'll learn about your Style.

Your personal Style is a reflection of yourself. It introduces you when you first walk into a room and its uniqueness will grab attention.

No one knows your personal Style better than you do but untangling small preferences from true Style can take a bit more time. That's why TJ Divine Images L.L.C has personal stylists that work with you to discover your unique fashion style.


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