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Toni Jones

Founder, Motivational Image Consultant

Toni Jones, an esteemed motivational image consultant specializing in personal branding, is dedicated to setting a distinguished standard by eliciting the optimal qualities in each of her clients. Throughout her consultations, Toni places a strong emphasis on the cultivation of individuality, ensuring that her clients prominently stand out within their respective spheres.

Possessing a comprehensive educational background, Toni earned her Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Textile Technology from Buffalo State College, NY, an Associate in Applied Science in Textile and Marketing Development from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY, and a Vocational Degree in Fashion and Interior Design from Niagara Career and Tech Center in Sanborn, NY. Further enhancing her expertise, Toni pursued studies in Fashion Styling Photography in London, UK.

Toni's profound understanding of textiles, rooted in her extensive background, sets her apart in the industry. Her acute awareness of how fabrics conform and accentuate the human body underscores her distinctive approach. Leveraging her keen eye for detail and a unique perspective on image consulting, Toni not only anticipates trends but also transcends them, establishing a notable presence in the ever-evolving industry.

As Toni continues to foster meaningful relationships with her clientele, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of her future endeavors in this dynamic field

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Who we are

In a competitive world you need more than a great smile to be remembered. T J Divine Image will assist you in managing and maintaining your overall image. Your appearance is immediately obvious to others, you can’t hide it. Think of your appearance as your personal brand. If you are merchandise sitting on a store shelf, how will your packaging grab the attention of shoppers? How will your image impact the perceptions of others and what does it communicate? T J Divine Image will educate you on how to enhance your overall image while elevating your confidence. Our mission is to achieve the ultimate representation of you!​


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Alana Pena, 
Executive Assistant 
"The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
-Phil Jackson

Why Choose TJ Divine Image?


Isabel Boyer

Administrative Intern

I recently went back to work after the birth of my son and wanted to optimize my professional image and confidence. TJ Divine Image was instrumental in helping me to reach my goal. With Toni's help my professional appearance has been taken to the next level. I feel good in my clothes. She truly has a gift for bringing out the ultimate representation of her clients. If she can do it for me, her particular mom, she can surely do it for you!

Stephaine H./ Senior Manager

Toni is extremely professional and easy to work with. She’s great to have on set for fashion shoots and her styling is unique and unparalleled in Western New York. She is versatile yet always commands a stylish presence that is all her own in all aspects of her work. She is a dedicated, detail oriented hard worker and would be a great addition to any team

Julia R./ Editorial Photographer

Toni shopped with me and saved me time, money, and stress! It was a hassle-free experience. She had pieces pre-selected by the time I arrived, and I was 100% satisfied with my purchases!!!! I will be back!

Dasha C. / Educator

I recommend TJ Divine Image LLC to everyone! Professional and efficient what more can you ask for? TJ Divine has been able to accommodate my every need

Brittany P / Pastry Chief 

Fashion Spreads
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