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10 Must Have Items for Summer

Now that summer has officially started what better time than for us to share out Top 10 Summer Must Haves? Not only will these summer basics make getting ready a breeze, they'll form the foundation of a wardrobe that can carry you the entire summer in style.

White Top

Whether it be a tank top, camisole, or blouse, you can rarely go wrong with a white top. Not only does the color help you keep cool in the summer heat, white pairs well with everything. An all-white ensemble will have you looking fresh all summer and by throwing on a simple white tee you can out the door in minutes.


Nothing beats sporting a new swimsuit on the beach or relaxing by the pool with friends. Bold colors with even bolder patterns are quickly becoming the norm. With the variety of styles out there it's just a matter of picking out your new summer fav.

Photo courtesy of NAKIMULI

White Sneakers

Like white tops, white sneakers are a key summer must-have. Pair these with your favorite pair of joggers to go and visit new cities or hit the beach with a maxi dress and a pair of simple white trainers. You can't go wrong with white sneakers when they're an all-around good match with everything.

Shirt Dress

This simple dress is, pardon the pun, dressy but relaxed. It can be dressed up or dressed down without losing the simplicity of the piece. Switch out the shoes and the accessories and it becomes a wonderful day-to-night outfit.

Photo courtesy of Missguided

Boyfriend Jeans

There are two ways to go in summer: fitted or loose and boyfriend jeans do both. These jeans will give you definition while being relaxed and leaving you with plenty of options to style them with.


A fresh of sunglasses is always a must during summertime. They protect your eyes from harmful sunlight and add a little oomph to any outfit.

Open-toed shoes

With summer comes cute pedicures and even cuter open-toed shoes to show them off. Heeled sandals can accentuate your legs or you can stay closer to the ground and let your toes feel the sand between your toes in beach shoes. In this category, your shoe space is the limit.


Almost as simple to wear as a dress, jumpsuits make getting ready a breeze. Get a long or short-sleeved set and enjoy the comfort of looking your best with truly minimal effort.

Midi skirt

Whether as a pencil skirt or just the classic style, we can't deny the versatility of the midi skirt. These skirts are comfortable and chic and make a perfect pairing for a nice office outfit or a day in town.

A tote bag

Nothing beats a nice bag to carry all your beach essentials to your next outdoor adventure. You can pack everything (but the kitchen sink!) in these and still have space for more while keeping your hands free to make new memories.

Bonus: Sunscreen!

Don't forget to keep your skin protected this summer! Sunscreen protects you from discoloration and pesky wrinkles keeping your skin looking youthful. If you want to keep looking like your best self then keeping sunscreen around is a summer must.

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