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What is a Personal Stylist? (And Why You Should Get One)

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Looking good is a goal most men and women aim for everyday. But feeling like we look good on a day to day basis is a much better goal. Regardless of if we're meeting with a new client or spending a day out with friends, there is always an image we want to present the world: We Look Good and We Know It. And that is where personal stylists come in.

A personal stylist helps their clients find what they like and what looks good on their client. According to Toni Jones, TJ Divine Image LLC founder, "personal stylists select garments and accessories to suit their clients' needs while providing expert advice on hair and makeup to achieve a desired look."

​Personal stylists are like sounding boards to discover a style uniquely tailored to you. They help update your wardrobe so that you'll only keep items that you enjoy wearing.

But here's a question you might be asking yourself: why get a personal stylist?

1) To find something new to love

2) Stay in the loop of new trends, stores, and sales

3) You can forget the "I have nothing to wear" problem.

From in-person (or virtual) consultations to motivational image consulting, TJ Divine Image LLC has a wide array of options to help you find the best way to let your clothes reflect what you want to tell the world.


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