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10 Wardrobe Staples To Elevate Your Personal Image

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

There are some fashion items that, no matter your gender, everyone should own. When your outfit needs a little help to pop out or you are trying to recreate a classic look, here are the 10 basic items everyone should have to build their perfect Style.

1. A blazer

A blazer is a foundational piece that gets you ready for the office, has you looking professional for your client visits, or adds a new level of sophistication to your outfit.

2. Dress shoes

Shoe can make-or-break your outfit. Make sure you have the perfect pair to complete your Look and own the meeting. And the good news? Heels are no longer the only options ladies have.

3. Power Suit

Power suits aren't only for women. They are any kind of suit that makes people stop and listen when you walk into the room.

4. Basic white top

This is a staple we all tend to have but don't use enough. A basic white top can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans. You'll be surprised how far this staple can take you.

5. Overcoat

This is a classic coat that goes with every outfit at any (Fall/Winter) event. Not only will a wool coat keep you warm in the colder months, this coat will also make you stand out when others arrive in puffer coats.

6. White button-down

​​A white button-down is as versatile as a basic white tee. It can have you ready for the office ready by 9 and smoothly transition to happy hour after work.

7. Jeans

​Like the white tee or a button-down, jeans can be styled for the occasion. Your perfect pair should accentuate all your favorite parts and be comfortable to face the world head-on.

8. A belt

​Belts add a layer of complexity to any outfit. It can chinch your waist to flare out your skirt or stand as a statement on its own. There's also the added benefit of making your pants fit close to perfection.

​9. A watch

​Even with digital timepieces in our pockets, there's nothing that holds a candle to a good wristwatch. Tell the world about your dedication to your work with a timeless timepiece.

10. Signature scent

Having a signature scent that you stick to gives you an advantage when it comes to having a strong presence. Others will associate the smell with you and will introduce you before you have to do so yourself.

With the basics in your wardrobe, you can experiment to see what cuts and fits match your personal style. A TJ Divine image will not only help you build your personal style from the ground up but set you up for success with the wardrobe basics everyone needs to take their style to the next level.


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